Calling for the resignation of Lim Kok Wing and all members of SMT

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We urge Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, Dato’ Gail Phung, Dato’ Wahadaniah Abdul Wahab and the remaining members of Senior Management Team to resign from their positions.

The recent publicity of the racist billboard at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology has unearthed numerous allegations from past/present students and staff concerning their own experiences with discrimination and abuse by senior members of the university’s board.

It has been alleged that Lim Kok Wing and his Senior Management Team (SMT) have exhibited systemic practices of exclusion and oppression targeted towards Black, African and dark-skinned staff and students. A substantial number of social media posts and statements have resurfaced to corroborate these allegations.

We are condensing this information into bullet points. For further details and references including photos and videos, please visit:

We are obligated to refer to the below points as allegations. However, with the sheer number of people coming forward in relation to perceived racism and malpractice on campus, we have reasons to believe there are truths to these accusations:

1. Education fairs promoting diversity would prohibit Black and African staff from attending. Instead, a heavy emphasis on Caucasian and/or white-passing staff to be placed at the forefront. According to the messages and outdoor marketing materials, Black and dark-skinned students are (poorly) photoshopped out, only to be replaced by white people. Coming from a university notorious for diversity-washing, it seems that their idea of diversity has a limited range. According to a number of statements made by former staff and students, individuals with skin tones on the darker end of the human spectrum do not meet the university’s brand image.

2. It has been alleged that the international staff members have been threatened with termination or getting their visas revoked for being ‘disobedient’. Examples of alleged disobedience include; resigning, speaking out against prejudice and inequality, not attending out-of-work events, not complying with fraudulent practices, etc.

3. Allegations regarding verbal abuse by Lim Kok Wing, Gail Phung and Wahadaniah Abdul Wahab have also emerged. According to circulating WhatsApp messages, ex-staff members were branded as ‘uncivilised’ after standing up for discriminated Sierra Leonean staff. Many past/current staff and students have also shared their experiences of being subjected to verbal abuse by LKW and senior members of staff. 

Student Ambassadors were allegedly berated and characterised as “Stupid”, “Monkeys”, and “Idiots'' by a member of SMT.  

4. Multiple claims with regards to the disrespect of religious and cultural practices. Allegations from Muslim staff who complained that they were pressured to remove their hijab.

5. In response to the controversial and incredibly tone-deaf billboard “King of Africa”, LUCT released a statement claiming that it was a “misstep”. We do not believe that it was a misstep as they have repeatedly done this in the past.

2015: “Welcome Back King Of Africa” Massive welcome home banner.
2016: “Lim Kok Wing Our Hero of Africa” massive welcome home banner.
2016: “Queen of Africa Dato’ Gail Phung” massive welcome home banner.
2019: Queen of Africa artwork of Dato’ Gail Phung atop an elephant’s trunk. 

Concerning all stakeholders 

6. It has been alleged that in 2018, Lim Kok Wing and other members of SMT ordered the falsification of documents and committed fraud to pass a compliance audit. According to a number of eyewitness accounts, staff members with bachelors or masters degrees were given an ultimatum; either apply for teaching permits or resign. This was supposedly done to meet the requirements set by Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The lack of qualified lecturers was reportedly due to high-turnover and terrible working conditions. There is evidence to support these claims, and these include recordings, memos and other documents.

We would like to remind everyone that further evidence of each bullet point can be found on 

The racist and discriminatory practices of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s Senior Management Team (SMT) have been an affront to staff, students, and alumni. We believe that the institution has failed to provide an academic and professional environment to its stakeholders, rendering them unfit to carry out their duties as educationalists and academicians. 

Therefore, we urge Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, Dato’ Gail Phung, Dato’ Wahadaniah Abdul Wahab and the remaining Senior Management Team of LUCT to gracefully resign and hand over the institution to the Ministry of Higher Education so that the university can reform and restructure.