30 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amiera A

This past few weeks the social media has been taken by storm with fuss and buzz involving a well-known international university, Limkokwing. An individual under the name Malaz Elnaim which was later found to be one of Lim Kok Wing’s former student. She had recently embarked on her own cause of exposing the university under the allegation of several misconducts including the accusation of the founder being a racist where him and the management team have exhibited systemic practices of exclusion and oppression targeted towards Black, African and dark-skinned staff and students, enabling toxic environment in the workplace and among them all she even made the heaviest accusation of all which ties Lim Kok Wing with a possible fraud attempt by forcing his non-teaching staff to apply for a teaching permit in order to pass an audit due to the inadequacy of lecturers there.

The very reason which has led to the creation of this particular petition is due to a simple concern. What started off as a harmless doubt that would eventually grow and evolve into a serious complication if it is not approached in an appropriate manner. Now, we can clearly see that these allegations and what seem to be an exposure has finally reached a point where people with the same ideology grouped together where they demand the resignation of all Lim Kok Wing senior management team.

It can actually be fathomed where does all this anger, rage, annoyance, resentment and wrath is coming from and this petition is not here in any way to discredit that. In fact, this petition is created because of that. We are actually urging you, leading your hands to try and take a look at the bigger picture. Not just focusing on an individual or the organization, we would want you to look at the foundation of what made the institution into what it is today. Not the president, not the staff, but the students itself. The very minds that were set out to achieve greatness. These young minds that were meant to triumph to conquer the world in their own unique way.


Should the management of the university were to be put out of commission, surely it would greatly echoes impact towards the students. It would greatly disrupt the whole smoothness of the process. Now let us take a deeper look at what it at stakes should all of that came through.

What will happen should Lim Kok Wing university is shut down?

  1. As mentioned earlier, think about the student that are currently enrolling there. What would happen to them? Statistically speaking it would actually inflict severe impact towards 30,000 students from all across the globe.
  2. Lim Kok Wing has been widely known to be embodied by approximately 1,000 employees. What would actually happen to the people that are currently depending on the institution as their source of income? Surely they will be affected due to the dismissal of the institution.
  3. Lim Kok Wing Foundation aims to ensure at least 100 Million youths from a handicapped background and marginalized communities are able to go to University to pursue a degree, a professional field of their choice and desire.
  4. Over the last two decades the Foundation has sponsored thousands of students particularly throughout Asia & Africa with scholarships and bursaries of over USD60 Million annually
  5. Locally, the Foundation’s contribution is valued at RM10 Million a year while in Africa it has provided 50% subsidies of tuition fees for higher education and certificate programs.

Lim Kok Wing University as it stood today is the most globalized University in the world with 12 campuses across 3 continents, 6 in Africa, 5 in Asia and 1 in the UK.


Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing’s achievements.


  1. He has received over 730 award honors and recognition from industries, governments and NGOs across 5 continents for his many personal achievements and on behalf of Lim Kok Wing University.
  2. He has also been called upon to advised 5 Prime Minister of Malaysia during the darkest hour of the nation’s history.
  3. He played an instrumental part in improving and broadening tertiary education in Malaysia, culminating in the Private Higher Educational Institution Act.
  4. In 2019, Lim Kok Wing is set to open up 4 more campuses in Africa, namely in Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, and Rwanda.
  5. Among all his achievement in Africa, the one that stands out the most was when he helped deliver “A Better Life For All” by being the brain behind the victorious South African Presidential campaign of Nelson Mandela in 1994.
  6. As for his invaluable contribution in helping and apartheid, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing was awarded South Africa’s highest national honor, the “Order of the Companions of O.R. Tambo”. He remains the only Malaysian to receive this honor.
  7. As the Ebola outbreak reared its ugly head, Tan Sri Lim immediately jumped to action. Answering the Government of Sierra Leone’s call for assistance, Tan Sri Lim decided to assist the fight against the outbreak by devising a communication campaign with the slogan ‘STOP EBOLA’ and to tie the campaign in with the Sierra Leone Government’s ‘National Action Plan for Ebola Eradication’ prevention campaign.
  8. The objective of the campaign is to educate the public to take the necessary steps to stay safe in the wake of the outbreak. The campaign uses the slogan STOP EBOLA to rally people and boost morale, and to educate the people that through their participation this deadly disease can be overcome.
  9. With the tragedy of the racial riots of May 13, 1969 still fresh in the minds of the public, a 28-year-old Tan Sri Limkokwing was tasked with delivering the New Economic Policy (NEP) in designs that were easily understood and accepted by Malaysians, regardless of race and creed. In the end, the exhibition helped Malaysian Chinese and Indian communities better understand the full import of the NEP, which was the Prime Minister’s strategy to address Malay concerns that they were losing out on economic opportunities.
  10. In devising slogans like ‘Yakin Boleh’ and ‘Malaysia Boleh’ to communicating ‘Vision 2020’ to all Malaysians, Tan Sri Limkokwing helped in moulding a new generation that not only believed that anything was possible – but actually backed it up with their achievements.

Therefore, we urge all of you to stop and take a second close look at which battle that you would want to fight in. We urge you to put more thoughts on what would happen to other people surrounding the very organization that some of us would want to put down for good. Think about the potential and dreams you would destroy just because we are too eager to fight for our own agenda up to the point that we neglect those that matters.


With humble heart we would like to call upon all of you that would want to do right by this thing to step forward and sign this petition not for us, but for the future and a better tomorrow.

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Signatures: 78Next Goal: 100
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