Official leave of absence for international students in Singapore

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International students, just as others, are at risk regarding the corona virus in Singapore. They should be allowed to safely return to their home country via an official permission of leave with full assistance both from an academic point of view and a financial point of view. Students fear slump in their GPA and also fear wasting the semester fee. Help them overcome this and let them come resume their classes when things resolve. Studying cannot happen in a state of worry and anxiety. It is best that they be given full exemption to help allay their fears. If we don’t act now, who knows, it might just be too late later. The Dorscon has turned orange; act before it turns red! And authorities who are in a position to help students should help them now and do so wholeheartedly. Schools should release transparent directives to the international students so that there is no cause for confusion, and they can thereafter take decisions confidently to ensure safety. We should also know how the student visa gets affected. Parents are getting increasingly worried and it’s time Singapore acts fast regarding this.