Make sure all staff in hospital have face masks

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The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is going on in New Zealand. COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus, and it is airborne according to WHO's study, and a face mask can greatly reduce the risk of infection. However, lots of doctors and nurses all over New Zealand do not have face masks, and some of them are even not allowed to wear face masks.

The health of staff in hospitals is extremely crucial in the battle against COVID-19, so I created this petition in order to achieve the following two points :

1, The Ministry of Health NZ should provide enough face masks to all staff in hospitals across New Zealand. N95, P2 or even normal surgery face masks can make a great difference, and accelerate the progress of winning this war against the COVID-19 virus.

2, Hospitals should remove all restrictions related to face mask-wearing, and encourage staff to ware a face mask to protect themselves, as well as to protect their friends and relatives.

We should keep it in mind that the health of all staff in hospitals matters a lot, and put the top priority on them.