Reduce FMGE marks to 30%

Reduce FMGE marks to 30%

10,744 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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Dr. Harsh vardhan (Minister of Health and Family Welfare)

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Started by Kkkk Kkkk

FMG exam is a big problem for all FMG's . We do not get any answer key after to exam or paper . So we don't know exactly how many questions were correct or how many questions were wrong . We have Mbbs degree from WHO certified university still we have to give exam in India . 

Before some days passing marks reduced by 20% for pg entrance exam . Then why cant they reduce for FMG? In this corona pandemic we want to serve the nation . But we cant do anything because of old time rules. 


If passing marks for FMG will reduce then many students will be available for serve the country in such horrible times . We will get more doctors . As we all know already we have less doctor &p ratio. More than 50000 doctors are waiting to join in this fight . So please reduce FMG passing marks to 30%


As a doctor we respect our fellow Indian doctors but some people are trying to spread negativity between FMG & IMG please avoid such people . And focus on what great thing we can achieve together in medical science and against corona  .


I hope each and everyone will try to bring government's focous on this issue by signing this petition. Love and peace for all . Stay safe stay healthy . Jai Hind . �

10,744 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!