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Ministry of Health & Family Welfare - Government of India: Stop using public funds for supporting homeopathy institutions


There is no scientific basis for Homeopathy, yet it is the second most prominently used medicine system in India. The main reason for this is that the central government and the state governments invest huge amount of money in supporting homeopathy institutions including hospitals and colleges. According to a study, there are around 186 homeopathic colleges, 6000 government homeopathic dispensaries and about 250 government hospitals. The RTIs reveal that central government alone spends somewhere between $5m - $20m in supporting homeopathy.


Given that there is no scientific evidence supporting homeopathy, it is not justified to support homeopathy using public funds. The government support to homeopathy lends credence to homeopathy, which leads to bad outcomes such as in Gloria Sam case. Nine months old Gloria died a painful death because her father Thomas Sam (a homeopath himself) refused to use conventional medicine to treat his daughter's severe eczema condition. Instead he relied on homeopathy. Thomas Sam and his wife Manju Sam are an Indian born couple; however they lived in Sydney, Australia at the time of the incident. Both were convicted in Sydney and sentenced to a jail term for "gross criminal negligence" that led to their daughter's death. 

Further, according to the Constitution of India, it is a fundamental duty of every citizen "To develop scientific temper". We are performing our duty when we raise this issue. But by supporting a pseudo-science like homeopathy, Government of India is not fulfilling the fundamental duty itself. Also, this does not help citizens perform their duty as well.

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    Ghulam Nabi Azad

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