Defibrillators mandatory in gyms and health clubs

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On 14th January 2021, I lost my father to a massive heart attack. He had gone to play squash at a local health club in the morning. He barely started playing and collapsed. He was taken to a hospital within half an hour and yet couldn’t be retrieved. Upon asking doctors, we were told that the only way there might have been a  slim chance to save him was if the club had defibrillators. As per my understanding, several clubs and public places outside India and some within India as well have installed the same in their campus. I am creating this petition to make defibrillators mandatory in all health clubs across India and for the staff to be trained in using the same. I don’t know if my father could have been saved or not. That’s a question with no certain answer. However, if this petition can save anyone else’s loved one, that would be a tribute to him. I request you all to kindly sign this and circulate it to whoever you deem suitable. Finally, the intention of this petition is not to blame anyone, but to help mitigate future incidents of a similar nature.