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Stop the implementation of the National Exit Exam(NEXT) for Medical students

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By an amendment to the IMC Act 1956, the Ministry Of Health has proposed a National Exit Exam for all MBBS graduates after their final MBBS exam. They are required to clear NEXT in order to obtain their license to practice. This is height of injustice. Asking medical graduates who have cleared 36 exams in their career with three dimensional (theory, clinicals and viva) examinations is nothing short of cruelty. Registration is the legitimate right of an MBBS graduate. If the objective of NEXT is to ensure standards of medical education, the real attention should be on the faculty and infrastructure of medical colleges. IMA and the medical students of the country stand united in resisting NEXT.

Drawbacks of NEXT
1. Even if the pass percentage is 33%, there may be chances of a few who may miss out even after 3 attempts due to various other reasons. What would be their backup in that case? They cannot afford to do any other professional course after putting in so many years of hardwork. The scenario would just be ghastly!
2. Ayurvedic and homeopathic students would be given chances to compete with us in PG entrances. Already the number of seats for getting PG is less.
3. Ayurvedic students would bypass NEXT but become RMPs, which clearly is INJUSTICE to medical students.
4. The same group is allowed to prescribe drugs to patients after just 6 months of training which would equalize 5.5 years of MBBS course!! This is cruelty!
5. This, as the objective given by the Govt. Of India, would not ensure uniform medical education standards at all.

Our plans of Action
1. Firstly, more than 80% of medical students all over India are willing to oppose this so called EXIT EXAM.
2. Having this in mind, campaigns regarding sensitization of the medicos and non-medicos (mainly parents), creating awareness amongst all target groups, observing mass campaigns and signature campaigns are to be conducted.
3. Strikes opposing NEXT are to be conducted throughout India, at district, regional and state levels, organised by the National Medical Students' Action Council (NatMAC), supported by Indian Medical Association.
4. Fasts are also to be observed in regard of the same, by medical students and supporters.

There is hope only if we fight now. Thus, we kindly request you to support us in getting Justice, which is what we deserve! We would pledge to be great doctors!

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