I want to Ban all Allopathic medicines in India

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I want to complete ban of All type of allopathic medicines in India.  Following are its major reasons and I do not want to take the risk of life of my Indian brothers, sisters, mothers and my all friends. We have best and own traditional system of health that is Naturopathy, Yog  and Ayurveda. Not only allopathic medicine but all allopathic hospital, allopathic doctor practice must be banned immediately. 

1. All Allopathic Medicines are the Big Side Effects 

Every allopathic medicine and drug has side effect to human body. Major organ of body of human body like liver, kidney, intestine, lungs and brain are in danger due to use of all type of allopathic medicine. 

2. All Allopathic Medicines and drugs are just Like All Bad Addiction like Alcohol, Smoking and Gambling 

If patient starts to eat any allopathic medicine, it sets in the brain and like any addiction, he or she became addicted of this and face to chronic disease due to this. 

3. Damage Human Internal Immune System

Allopathic medicines must ban because it kills human internal immune system like chemical fertilzers and pesticides. So, stop to give it to public.

4. Allopathic Tests are Wrong and Allopathic Medicines on this Basis Also Wrong 

All allopathic Doctors should diagnose for finding the roots of diseases of patients  in India. First, they do wrong test. 

What should be diagnose test

Test for finding the roots of Causes of Disease.

But, here is diagnose test is just symptoms of Disease. So, idiot philosophy of Allopathic medicine system. 

Symptoms, patients know better but not know the roots of causes. So, allopathic medicines are gun shoot in total dark and it kill human's healthy cells. 


If thousands sign my petition, we will make waves in social media and media. This will ensure that Health Minister of India  knows that there is growing public pressure on this issue.

we all stand together against these allopathic medicine manufacturing, distributors and sellers giants and their vested interests. Also share it with your family and friends so that we have all Indians demand to ban allopathic medicines in India.