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The Zincton Development plan proposes to build a massive ski resort in the pristine wilderness of the Selkirk mountains.

This development will occupy 5500 ha of the Yellowstone to Yukon wildlife corridor. Grizzleys, wolverines and mountain goats whose habitat this is will vanish.

This development is a designated tourist attraction. It will greatly increase greenhouse gas emissions both during construction and once it is in operation. Metals for lift towers and gondolas are manufactured by burning coal. Backhoes, graders, and cranes run on fossil fuels. Trucks that deliver building materials run on fossil fuels. The proposed village, three times the size of the adjacent village of New Denver, will quadruple deliveries of milk, butter, eggs, meat, bread, fruit, vegetables, as well as bleach, laundry detergent, toilet paper, tooth paste, liquor, gas ... all delivered courtesy of fossil fuels.

We have felt the heat domes, seen the fires, experienced the atmospheric rivers and the floods, seen the melting glaciers. Global warming is here to stay. There will be fewer and fewer skiable days. Not a promising future for Zincton.

We have heard the Red Alert for humanity from the IPCC, the dire warnings from COP 26. We don't need another ski resort. We don't need another real estate development in the wilderness. We must decrease green house gas emissions by 50% before 2030.  

Global warming endangers billions of people.  Increasing green house gas emissions is a crime against humanity.


                                            STOP ZINCTON NOW!



2 702 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 5 000 !