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We urge the immediate closure of Bodrum Dolphin Park and the safeguarding of the dolphins and other marine mammals! #yunuslaraozgurluk

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All creatures have a right to freedom!

I would like to respond to critics who say, “How can you concern yourself with freedom for dolphins while there are so many other problems both in our country and in the world?” Yes, I say to them, yes, I will act on this concern because dolphins are living creatures and every life is valuable.

In the cycle of life, each creature’s existence affects that of another living thing. Because of this, every threat to life concerns all of us, and if you ignore these threats, one day they will come full circle and threaten you too. We have a responsibility to protect all forms of life, including dolphins. The Freedom for Dolphins Platform (Yunuslara Özgürlük Platformu), Bana Göz Kulak Ol Association (BGKO) and myself are volunteers fighting for the freedom for captive dolphins and other marine mammals. Please join us to win protection for them!

23,000 people signed the petition we wrote last year, which provided a great boost to the national and international campaign that was waged for two years under the leadership of  the Freedom for Dolphins Platform and local NGOs.

Finally, in April of 2013, altogether we pressured and persuaded the authorities not to issue a pemit and achieved the complete closure of the Kaş dolphinarium.  In 2010, the Dolphin Angels led a successful campaign in Fethiye.  With the support of thousands of responsive people throughout Turkey and tens of civil organizations, and thanks to Born Free’s operation “Back to the Blue”, two dolphins known as Tom and Misha were successfully returned to freedom in the wild after years in captivity.

In reminder: The waters of Japan’s Taiji Bay are turned red every year with the blood of thousands of dolphins seized from the ocean to provide new captives for dolphinariums, and every dolphinarium that Turkey permits to open within its borders promotes this foul trade. Despite all the ethical issues, Turkish governmental authorities bear the responsibility for every dolphin that die in these facilities and those that are being imported from Taiji, Russia and Ukraine in the service of a primitive form of entertainment. 

The Bodrum Dolphin Park is another facility inhumanely keeping wild dolphins, a walrus and sea lions for commercial gain, despite not having any official permit for opening a dolphinarium. 

From false CITES documents to unlicensed construction, there are many illegalities associated with this dolphinarium, which is also involved in an ongoing lawsuit with the Ukrainian company from which it leases the animals.  This place is not in the least fitting for Bodrum, a town aiming to become a “world destination”, and styled as the “Civilized and enlightened face of the future”!

In the seas around Bodrum, it is possible to see wild dolphins, turtles and even the Mediterranean monk seal; and Bodrum should be identified with its natural and cultural assets – not with a universally-boycotted dolphin circus that torments dolphins and other marine mammals. 

We closed the Kaş Dolphinarium, now for Bodrum Dolphin Park!

Once more, this time for Bodrum, I join forces with the Freedom For Dolphins Platform which has been working on the case of the Bodrum “sea prison” for two years, and also with the “Bana Göz Kulak Ol” Association founded by Özge Özder, Aslı Varlıer and Aslı Tandoğan, whose Turkish version of the “My Friend” video, "Benim Bir Dostum Var" touched our minds and consciences.  From the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, our demands to all the authorities are as follows:

- The permanent closure of the Bodrum Dolphin Park in Guvercinlik, Muğla; which is operating with only a permit for "alcohol-licensed restaurant".

-The voiding of all CITES documents issued for the animals at the facility; and in accordance with Article 24 of Turkish Animal Protection Law 5199 and international agreements, that the two dolphins captured in Turkish waters and the other marine mammals leased from the Ukraine with falsified documents be placed under protection without delay, in a marine sanctuary run by marine mammal specialists and located in a remote bay. 

In the framework of our long-running efforts to close captive marine mammal facilities, we take this opportunity to repeat our demands that all existing dolphinariums be closed and that the opening of new ones be prevented through legislation.

Please be a voice for freedom, and help the Bodrum Dolphin Park become the 3rd dolphinarium to close in Turkey by signing our petition!  Together we can stand up against the cruelty of captivity, in which the animals are trained with hunger and violence, and set them free!


* "Dolphin shows are no different from dancing bears i.e. an outmoded form of entertainment and a great crime committed by humanity."

* “No animal should be used for entertainment.

Animal exhibitions and shows that use animals are incompatible with an animal's dignity.”

If you wish to do more to support this campaign, you can share this link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks: www.change.org/bodrumyunusparkinahayir. More information on the Freedom for Dolphins Platform website: www.yunuslaraozgurluk.com.

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