Stop Inhuman Treatment of Professionals by having unrealistic deadlines with poor websites

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Dear Professional Brothers and Sisters,

In the midst of so many meaningful reforms undertaken by various governments, most of the work is being done online. The capacity building and infrastructure is so poor with government and service providers that websites do not work particularly on due dates deadlines. Government expects professionals to work day and night to meet these due dates which is causing lot of mental and physical stress leading to various complications social as well as personal 

If Government and their service providers  do wider consultation with all stakeholders, they will understand our plight and will have realistic deadlines of compliances

We professionals have right to live dignified and meaningful life avoiding huge mental snd physical stress leading to various issues in life

Let’s Join the protest and as first sign of our efforts let’s pressurise Ministry of Corporate to Extend deadline of DIR-3 KYC without late fees to Nov 30th . Also protest to roll back Such a high Late Fees of Rs. 5000/- which is unrealistic and it should be reduced to Rs. 100/- per day of delay as in other cases as the same is discriminatory with one comply early and who comply late