Govt. of India should collect fraud revenue from car dealer and make our country as world

Govt. of India should collect fraud revenue from car dealer and make our country as world

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Started by Krishana Gopal

All Dealer of all car manufacturer have taken a money for body panel paint, which is undue. .
Every car dealer hold specific man hour rate and manufacturer have given then flat rate timing manual for repair labor charges. .
As per their bonnet painting schedule and bonnet paint time , their flat rate manual the bonnet paint time  is three hours and  bonnet paint charges of 36 sq ft paint application surface area of 50 microns thickness is Rs 5050/- with category a city garage man hour of Rs 550 /-
which means their labor charges  of bonnet paint is         Rs 550/- (Man Hour ) * 3 ( Bonnet Paint time in Hour as per Manufacturer FRT Manuals) = Rs 1650/-
That means they will  deposit  of paint materials of cost : ( 5050/- - 1650/- ) = Rs 3410/-  at 36 sq ft Area of 50 Micron's (as coming from new vehicle from manufacturer as 50 Microns) which yield sq.ft. rate of paint material cost as 0.80 per sq.Ft per microns of thickness .

Now, Consider another panel Paint with basis arrived paint material sq. ft rate i.e. 0.80 per sq. ft per microns.                      Let us take Fender Panel...
They are charging fender painting charges Rs 4000/-.  It's paint time, as per their FRT manual is 2 hours, So, labor charges is rs 1100/- ( 550 man hour x 2 hrs ) and asking paint material is 2900/- (= 4000 -1100) . 
Now sq. ft. area of fender is 2 sq ft.  So, paint material required as per sq. ft. rate for 2 sq ft of 50 microns thickness is 2*50*0.80= Rs 80/- but they are asking 2900/-.
So fraud amount on fender Paint Material is  (2900.00 - 80.00) = Rs 2820/-

means fraud revenue not paid for 40%*2820== 900/- avg fender claim per dealer per day ten  claim = 9000/-

Total all your India dealer 4500 nos

so total fender revenue fraud of last 20 yrs = Rs 9000*4500*20Yrs * 365 days = Rs 295650000000.00 = 29565 Cr. +interest +  penalty plus

Similarly  other 13 panel paint fraud Revenue will add more revenue generation due to fraud @avg 300/- revenue Fraud = 300 * 10 Panel per Day per dealer *  4500 total dealer all india * 13 Panel *20 Yrs *365 Days = Rs 1281150000000.00 = 128115 Crs + Interest + penalty

So Total Fraud Revenue is required to recover from all India dealer is Rs 295650000000.00   + Rs 1281150000000.00  = Rs 1576800000000.00 +Interest + Penalty 

Let us collect all amount and make our country world richest




3,284 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!