The Himalayas need urgent protection, not Railways.

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The decision made by the government to help pilgrims going to the Himalayas by introducing Railways needs more thinking. Though the intention is good, that is, to give easy access to all the people who want to go on a pilgrimage to the mountains, it is likely create more danger - Danger to Environment, climate, people, rivers,trees,..... .many many things. It will affect not only us, but the whole world. As it is, the Himalayas attract a big crowd, and, every year it is on the increase with all kinds of tourists thronging the area for various reasons, in spite of difficulties. Once the railways come, the connectivity and tourism will increase. But we will be sacrificing its beauty, serenity, peace,...and the sacredness. Pollution will increase. New roads, bridges and tunnels will disturb the atmosphere and create imbalance. This may result in more floods and loss of lives along with many more changes. The damages will be beyond our understanding. Only the scientists and environmentalist may be able to give an explanation. But what is the use if the damages are already done.Instead of showing reverence, we will be harming the mountains and the entire civilization. That is certainly not what our culture or  religion, which actually believes in protection, says. Also, the entire geography will change bringing climatic changes affecting the whole world. Only, may be, the Railways will benefit. 

I have only tried to explain briefly based on what little knowledge I have. An expert may know much more. But I certainly feel we shouldn't hurry with such a big project. We need to be wise, sensitive and caring. The entire humanity may be at risk.

Therefore I request all who care, to express it by signing this petition, so that we prevent a great danger from happening. 


   Geeta Varma