Vote for a total ban on manufacturing and sale of crackers

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14 of the top 15 polluted cities globally are from India. Manufacturing of crackers violates child labour laws as is well known from what we all have heard from the streets of Sivakasi. The green cracker ‘permitted’ by Supreme Court only partially reduces the pollutants - by a mere 25-30%! The noise caused by crackers is even greater than that of Boeing 737 at 90 decibels. Whichever way we look at it, crackers that cause smoke and noise have no good effect except the thrill associated with it since many decades. The excuse of last year for not banning crackers was the inability to replace jobs to thousands employed by these cracker manufacturing and distributing units. Now a whole year has passed and it’s time that our festival of lights just has lights and no sound or pollutant. Ironically the importance of light in our culture is its power to diffuse darkness and bring clarity and here we are maligning the intent of festivals by generating air and noise pollution that in fact clouds one’s clarity! Let’s raise our voice for a total ban on polluting and noisy crackers that affect animals, the trees, the children, elders and everyone else. Please vote for a light filled festival that is safe, pure and healthy.