Jim Corbett National Park

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 Supreme Court said no to highway in Jim Corbett but MoEF institute agrees to help clear it.

I request all environmentalist and citizen concerned about safety of environment to sign this petition and make it reach maximum signature to stop construction of road right through the Jim Corbett National Park.

The state government is pushing this despite the fact that in 2005, the Centre and the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh had agreed to an alternative route between Kotdwar and Ramnagar under the supervision of the Supreme Court 

Raising questions of propriety and conflict of interest, the Union Environment Ministry’s premier research centre Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd (NBCC) to “help and facilitate…in obtaining necessary approvals” under wildlife and forest laws for a 50-km highway cutting through the core of the Corbett tiger reserve.

The government of Uttarakhand recently took a decision to construct the Kandi Highway right through the core region of Jim Corbett National Park. This distressing news came in soon after Trivendra Singh Rawat was sworn in as the chief minister of Uttarakhand in March this year. The proposed route aims to connect Garhwal and Kumaon, two divisions of Uttarakhand, and reduce travel time between the two by two hours.
But this decision taken by the newly-elected BJP government has faced severe criticism for overlooking the disastrous ramifications it will have on the wildlife of the national park.
The project will not only include felling of trees along the route but also disrupt the ecological balance of the core zone of Corbett where human impact is minimal. The impending threat is on 50 mammal species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species whose natural course of sustenance is set to be disrupted.
In 2001, a project to carpet Kandi Road was halted after eight incidents of poaching elephants were exposed.
Today the threat of human encroachment along the core belt of Corbett is even more severe with the growing construction around the Corbett region directed to lure tourists to the wildlife area. The impact can be assessed by using the Amangarh Forest in south side of Corbett as a case study where human encroachment has already begun.
In a state where tourism contributes to about 27% of its Rs 26,500 crore GSDP, the pristine environs have lured visitors for over a century. But the authorities that often quoted 'sustainability' as a key to the growth of tourism after the 2013 Uttarakhand floods are now suffering from short amnesia on the subject

Wildlife officials have also warned of serious implications for wildlife animals, especially tigers, if the Kandi road which passes through Corbett Tiger Reserve is permitted for vehicles."

"Forests work for our good, conserving water, giving us clean air, and are home to the wild flora of irreplaceable medicinal importance. A tiny area of India is left with the forest of this quality. We should see it as a sacred duty to preserve it undisturbed. It is Bharat Mata. The road can easily go round it."

Please sign this petition and show your concern toward animals and forests. I kindly request you all to share your opinion in comment section to make your appeal more effective.