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Uranium is a radioactive mineral. A proposal from the Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) being given ‘in-principle approval for Mining & Drilling for Uranium ore in about 100 sq. km inside the Amarabad reserve forest. Amrabad Tiger Reserve, located within Srisailam-Nagarjuna Sagar Nallamala Reserve forest. Proposed Uranium Mining will destroy and impact irreversibly both people, flora, fauna and precious natural forest ecosystem. This mining activity will expose and pollute surface water, groundwater and leech minerals, and dangerous chemicals into the Nagarjunasagar dam. The proposed mining is bound to affect public health at large by contaminating the water in Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir through the Krishna River. 

* In fact, nuclear energy is outdated. Renewable energy is the way of the future. The world has moved on from uranium, coal, and petroleum. Renewable energy is the way of the future. 
* There is no such thing as safe uranium mining and processing - it is a myth. The fact is that 70 years of the uranium mining industry and nuclear power plants in the world did more damage to people and the environment than all and nuclear weapons put together.
* Uranium ore that is available in India is of low quality and inferior grade.
* India has more uranium than it needs for the next 1,000 years for national defence purposes. As far as nuclear power is concerned, we can get uranium at a price ten times cheaper from international markets. This makes mining for it in India futile! Australia and Canada are the biggest producers of Uranium - the countries will gladly sell us. In those countries, uranium mining is done in isolated areas and 500 km from any human inhabitation unlike in India. 
* The low-level radiation contamination will enter drinking water and the entire food chain affecting 3 to 4 crores of human beings and other life forms. The half-life of uranium and thorium is about two billion years which means its negative impact will continue for generations. 
* Amrabad Tiger Reserve is one of the biggest richly biodiverse forests in INDIA. The reserve forest's richness is synonymous with this tiger reserve as it harbours great biodiversity, comprising of around 70 species of mammals, more than 300 hundred avian varieties, 60 species of reptiles and a wide variety of flora & fauna, including 600 different plant species. 
* The reserve forest is also home to about 70,000 tribals called “Chenchus.” Chenchus Tribes have their connection with ancient human beings that roamed the Earth.
* The hilly tiger reserve, part of the Nallamala hills, also serves as a catchment area for River Krishna which flows through the hill range. Which will be polluted with uranium.
* Amrabad Reserve Forest has historical and archaeological significance & value. This area contains the ruins of the ancient Nagarjuna Viswa Vidyalayam run by the great Buddhist scholar Nagarjuna Acharya (150 AD). The relics of the fort of Ikshwaku Chandragupta, a ruler of the 3rd century BC are also found. 
* Srisailam is one the jyotirlinga Temple with more than 2000 years of history. Geo-morphological rock shelters and cave temples such as Akka Mahadevi Bhilam, Dattatreya Bhilam, Uma Maheshwaram, Kadalivanam, and Palankasari are characteristic of the area. 
* The proposed area is hilly, and drilling of 4,000 deep holes will disfigure the reserve, ruining the wildlife habitat. Proposed to cover 30,000 acres, the project seems poised to destroy the ecology of the entire tiger reserve.
* The roads will fragment and degrade the dry forests, which may never recover after such a massive exercise. The proposal to mine for uranium in this Eden will not only kill its wild flora and fauna but will also take away the livelihoods of the Chenchu, besides exposing them and crores of others to uranium contamination. 
* The proposed uranium mining and milling project in Amarabad in Srisailam Reserve Forest will be disastrous in its effects on human beings and also on other forms of life, to say the least.  HENCE, we should protest this unwanted & outdated Uranium mining proposal at Amrabad Tiger Reserve Forest. As Mahatma Gandhi said “live and let live." We should save people, the environment at the present and the future generation to come. Say NO to URANIUM MINING and Nuclear Power.