Stop cutting 54k mangroves in Maharashtra for running bullet train

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Over 54000 mangrove trees covering 13.36 hectares of land are to be razed for The Bullet Train project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. This is going to be devastating for both the biodiversity and climate. India is already battling heatwave conditions with Delhi marked under red category by Indian Meteorological Department  and temperature of Rajasthan reaching above 50°C along with visual rise in temperature throughout the country and this is only going to make conditions worse. Plants by evaporating water through their leaves into the atmosphere not only maintains the water cylce keeping rain schedules but also reduces atmospheric temperature by 4°C. If 51°C is already  more than enough to endure would an increase of more 4°C be helpful? This project needs to be stopped or find another alternative without causing any damage to our environment. We need development but not at the cost of our lives.