Ban plastic cotton earbuds in India to stop plastic pollution

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Clean up your ears, without harming the environment.

Did you know that 543 billion cotton buds used for cleaning ears are produced worldwide each year?

What’s shocking is that they land up in oceans and landfills and get eaten up by marine animals and birds creating plastic havoc for the environment. Fish, marine mammals and seabirds are being injured and killed by plastic pollution, and it’s believed that 700 species could go extinct because of it. Current estimates suggest that at least 267 species worldwide have been affected, including 84% of sea turtle species, 44% of all seabird species and 43% of all marine mammal species.

Ocean plastic pollution is a problem for everyone and we must all take responsibility, no matter where we live.

As responsible citizens, we must remain diligent and minimize our own individual consumption of plastic products. Banning all plastics from India is a mammoth task and can happen only one step at a time. Just like the war on plastic straws, it’s time to call for action and ban plastic earbuds. All we need to do is switch the stick from plastic to a 100% biodegradable one like paper or bamboo and these alternatives are cost friendly too.

Let’s compel Indian manufacturers and market leaders like Johnson & Johnson to make an eco-friendly change and let’s stop cheap plastic cotton bud imports.

Many European nations have already called for a ban, why should India be left behind.

Sign and share my petition to ban the manufacture, import and sale of all plastic cotton earbuds in India if you value your environment.

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