Save India's Elephants

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Save India's Elephants

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India is home to about 50% of the world Asiatic Elephant population (~28,000). The growing human populations, the fragmentation of elephant habitat and human-elephant conflict is dramatically on the rise and has become one of the major issues in the fight to save Asia’s endangered elephants. 

The forest officials are doing everything they can to help maintain truce between animal and man by relocating and re-habitating the elephants. A “capture” may sound like a logical solution, but the ultimate impact on the animals is gruesome.To tame an elephant is to tame the wildest of spirits in nature. One that breathes life into the land we all call home. 

The survival of these animals is possible only through the protection of their habitats. For maintaining such un-fragmented habitats, Elephant corridors are the key. Elephant corridors are narrow strips of land that allow elephants to move from one habitat patch to another and securing these is critical to their survival and gene pool. The current scenario is:

  • Common lands meant for meeting peoples' requirements of grazing, leaf litter, minor forest produce and small timber, have been privatised thus leading to fragmentation.
  • In many nations of the world networking of wildlife habitats and restoring private and community lands to wilderness areas is gaining ground.
  • In recent years, rapid urbanisation in India has shown trends where land-owners are urging Government to acquire/purchase their lands in rural areas due to Human-Animal conflict, labour scarcity in rural areas, young generation not wanting to live and work in rural areas etc. 
  • India has 88 Elephant corridors and lot of private land which fall in these corridors has already been secured by Public-private partnerships and Elephants have been seen using these areas increasingly over the years.

There is a unique opportunity to give back to wilderness. The following are a few ways in which the govt. can help the situation:

  • Declaration, demarcation and legal protection of the corridor under laws appropriate for the state.
  • Improvement of forest cover in corridor.
  • Prevention and eviction of encroachments.
  • Purchase of land and voluntary relocation of settlements in the area.
  • Additional funds to facilitate compensation of land in the corridor area.
  • Discourage elephants in temples and elephant rides

Elephants have long been part of our life, culture and mythology. Let's sign this petition and do our bit to save these magnificent gentle giants and conserve and preserve our natural wealth and heritage for the right future. 

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This petition had 2,097 supporters

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