Help bring humane treatment to the enslaved elephants of India

Help bring humane treatment to the enslaved elephants of India

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Why this petition matters

Started by Suji Roy

Please raise your voices on behalf of the elephants shackled with spikes, beaten and tortured in India so they may be treated better and their treatment monitored by an international body even if their freedom can't be obtained.

In India, there are 1000s of elephants chained with spikes, tortured with bull hooks, semi-starved and  suffering, working in the logging industry, begging on the streets, working as tourist slaves to entertain tourists and give them rides and chained in temples. They are captured from the wild, born into slavery or orphaned, tortured into submission in training camps with bullhooks and worse.  These elephants are often walked for hundreds of kilometers on hot roads injuring their feet for life. Here is one of many articles that you can read to get an intro into the suffering of these elephants of India

The possibility of all of these suffering elephants of India being freed is next to nil. Therefore. we ask for the following:

1) Humane treatment of captive elements

2) Proper census of all captive elephants

3) Periodic monitoring (at least once in 6 months) of all captive elephants by the Government of India and international agencies to ensure these elephants receive  proper food, water and medical treatment, are not over worked. Ensure detailed annual reports on these elephants are made publicly available.

4) Banning of bull hooks and spiked chains.

Please hear the cry of these elephants and raise your voices on their behalf by signing this petition and sharing it on your social media accounts.


50,625 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!