Use biodegradable material instead of plastic!

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Plastic is widely used in our day to day life. Starting from a pen to a polythene bag in which we carry fruits and books are forms of plastic. Though convenient in our day to day use, it has posed an alarming threat to the environment.
Plastic is non-biodegradable and do not decay by biological actions of microbes. They remain in the same state as we throw them. So, dumps or garbages are created making our cities and soil polluted.
To destroy plastics, we can either recycle or burn them. If we burn plastic, they emit harmful chemical gases like carbon dioxide (CO,), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (NO), methane (CH4), sulphur dioxides (SO2), etc. These gases pollute our environment, though in negligible content, they add to green house effect and endanger our environment.
Due to wide scale use of plastic, water, soil and air pollutions are caused. These polluted components of environment lead to imbalance of various ecosystem of the Only solution to this plastic hazard is to take preventive measures and for that,
a. To reduce use of plastic wherever possible
b. To use recyclable bags and things
c. To recycle the used plastic
d. Not to throw used plastic here and there
e. To collect the used plastic by the Government and then to recycle them