Enforce Plastic waste management (PWM) rules, 2016; make safe PWM mandatory for companies

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This campaign is to request Environment Ministry to : 1) Enforce rules for Plastic Waste Management according to which "it is responsibility of Brand Owners, Importers and Producers, who introduce the product in the Market to ensure that plastic waste is collected from Urban as well as rural areas"; 2) Share the implementation progress of the rules with citizens through an open platform


Plastic doesn’t die, and it is a big problem. It stays and clogs our drains, fields  and water bodies at a macro level and our skin, blood and overall metabolic systems at a micro level. The issues and challenges in detail can be read here.


As per this report, from 1996 to 2007, plastic consumption in India increased 140 times from 61 thousand tone  per year 85 lakh tonne. As per this infographic, in year 2016, India generated 15 thousand tonnes of plastic waste per day. And it is growing.

With increasing encroachment of market in our lives and habits, plastic consumption is increasing by the day, however we (Government as well society) do not have a workable solution at scale to tackle it.


Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India released waste management rules,2016 (see here) which included plastic waste management rules. Rule 9 among these(see page 21), talks about Responsibility of producers, Importers and Brand Owners, in plastic waste management, which states: 

  1. The producers, within a period of  six  months  from  the  date  of  publication  of  these  rules,  shall  work  out  modalities  for  waste  collection system based on Extended Producers Responsibility and involving State Urban Development Departments, either  individually  or  collectively,  through  their own  distribution  channel  or  through  the  local  body concerned.
  2. Primary responsibility for collection of used multi-layered plastic  sachet or pouches or packaging is  of  Producers,  Importers  and  Brand  Owners  who  introduce  the  products  in  the  market.    They  need  to establish  a  system  for  collecting  back  the  plastic waste  generated  due  to  their  products.  This  plan  of collection to be submitted to the State Pollution Control Boards while applying for Consent to Establish or Operate or Renewal. The Brand Owners  whose consent has been renewed before  the notification of  these rules shall submit such plan within one year from the date of notification of these rules and implement with two years thereafter.


This means, it is responsibility of all those Soft Drink, Wafers, Chocolates and what not selling companies to ensure that the packaging they sell, in addition to the product is collected back and managed safely. It does not mean that we as society do not have any role to play, however, the resources for it should also come from those who make huge profits out of it.

The glittery labels used to catch our eye should clearly mention the ways and means to responsibly dispose the packaging. The superstar who glorifies the soft drink in the 1 minute TV ad, should also inspire people to responsibly dispose the container.


Through this campaign, we request Ministry of Environment and Forests to enforce the rules thus created. The campaign requests the Ministry to

1.       Take the rules defined in 2016 to determined, visible implementation, through engagement of people

2.       Put in place an open information system having details about

 a.       The organisations directly or indirectly involved in plastic waste generation, clearly mentioning the estimated volumes of plastic they generate
 b.      The plans these organisations have put in place towards minimizing plastic pollution and funds committed towards the purpose
 c.       The compliance on the plans, on periodic basis
 d.      The waste collection channels created by the companies, individually or collectively

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