Bring in Strong Data Protection and Data Sovereignty Laws in India immediately .

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Government of India cannot be a mere silent spectator here when data of millions of people in India (common man) is been compromised by tech gaints and foreign entities. The common man gets lured by Free Apps and doesn't understand the terms and conditions drafted by these tech companies and social media giants.

The social media platforms carrying such Apps/advertisements on their channels as well as new apps making entry into Indian cyberspace have to clearly be monitored.

This is not censorship but the right over our data, maintain our privacy, respect our individuality and to ensure we are not made DIGITAL SLAVES. Its high time, the Government of India takes some strong steps as each day's delay is a ticking timebomb and we are losing the Digital race.

1) It is the need of the hour to bring in strong laws to monitor and check the social media channels and also revisit the laws every year in the ever-changing cyberspace.

2)It must be made mandatory for these companies to store data inside India and take the permission of the Government of India to take the data overseas.

3) It must also be mandatory for the parent company of the apps or social media company to have an office in India, registered business address in India and occupier in India. This responsible officer must cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

4)It should also be made compulsory for the social media companies to highlight in the agreements any clauses that infringe the data privacy of the users .

5) The agreement should also be in drafted in at least 5 more Indian languages so that the people of India can understand the terms and conditions before using the application and platform.

6)The laws must define clearly the provisions for violation of privacy and the said officer and organisation must cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

7)The minimum age limit of the user of the applications must be defined clearly . Minors should not be allowed to use / register on platforms without parental vigilance.

8)The Social Media App must be linked to some Government Id or Any verifiable identity to make traceability, stop children from accessing Social media before the stipulated age and curb fake news.

9) The laws must provide the user with the right to delete his/ her data from common view or access if they later find it inappropriately posted on such platform or application. This data must be wiped out from the servers for common commercial or other use except for law enforcement reasons.

10) Social media companies must not use any data without the explicit consent each time while sharing, using, reproducing our content, images, data .

11) These social media companies must pay legitimate taxes in India as per the provisions of law.

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Vinit Goenka
Secretary, Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty

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