Temporary Closure of Schools AMIDST COVID 19 VIRUS

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Numbers of new cases for covid 19 increasing  as the day go by. Mostly are imported cases and those   in close contact to the current ones.   We all are advised  to   practice social distancing and avoid crowded places as much as possible. Even  our community places   like religious classes , social gatherings Done in  religious places  are not encouraged  and some are closed  or cancelled  till further notice  now.

How about  our  Public Schools ? 

  Hence , i Would like to appeal to the Ministry of Education in Singapore to consider to temporarily shutdown schools   and allow our children do Home based learning untill  situation gets better  for the sake of our children's  safety and health .   

Let Our children do Home based learning until situation gets better.  Make full use of the existing  ELearning school portals for students. Even  other  affected countries have shut down  their schools to combat the  virus together  as we speak. 

 Do we only  have to  react  when  the Number goes higher? 

How safe is safe for those who did not travel out during d sch holidays ,  even if SHN OR LOA  is issued for those who did travel out the country during the school holidays ?

How clean is clean even if  parents are assured that strict measures are taken to ensure   the schools are  wiped down   and sanitised  daily   to help combat the virus  ?   

Not everyone  is Honest in declaring their travel history . NOT EVRYONE IS EVEN  HONEST IN SEEKING TREATMENT EVEN IF THEY FEEL UNWELL. 

 As a parent,  i worry  daily   knowing the fact that i am taking the  risk of    Exposing  my  school going children travelling by public amongst  the crowd during peak hours just to go get an education as the number of those who are infected rises. 

 I am  sure many parents alike have the  same exact sentiments like mine Even after Safety health Protocols  are  issued via parent gateway ,  like bringing  thermometer  , having temperatures checked daily which  the children have actually  been practicing  daily throughout  the times they are in school eversince the outbreak of  SARS /HIN1. 

 Every single day as a parent, we have to worry  about our family's health  .Everyday We prayed and hoped  that may no one be exposed to  even any type of  virus  at all.   

 Please, For the sake of our   children's safety and  health , let this  also  be  a Top priority to consider too in this  trying times with hope  to help combat  and manage the covid19 virus in our own  country, together .

  Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, 

 a very worried parent Myself. 

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