Mandatory Training In Anti-Racism For All Ontario Elementary and Post-secondary Educators

Mandatory Training In Anti-Racism For All Ontario Elementary and Post-secondary Educators

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We have seen many corporations, business, and people in the public eye take action against the racism that has been going on for decades. 

It's more than police brutality, it's about how we enlist our children early on that skin colour marginalizes certain people. This is the time to begin teaching our children about systemic racism and how to identify and refute it. Racist stereotypes and bias begin at a shockingly young age.

"Learning" racism is a lot like learning a new language for babies and toddlers, it can happen without parental input, just by the racial stereotypes so prevalent in society. It’s important for children to see brown and black kids in a positive light to fight systemic racism.

There is even structural racism in the maps our children are introduced to in school. It is distorted. The white countries are purposefully and inaccurately illustrated larger than they should be, and all the countries with people of colour are illustrated smaller than they should be. This is a visual image that teaches children a lie, and plants the seed that the white countries are bigger and better, and the counties with people of colour are smaller and less important.

The governments need better regulation in training officers that protect ALL people, and same goes to the educators who teach ALL children. Teachers, ECE's, principles are all in the public eye as they set boundaries for children in an early age. Children absorb many different lessons whether directly or passively, by having a trained teacher in Anti-racism, you take out the unintended bias. You allow a teacher to treat all kids the same, you allow teachers to respond congruently to all types of hate crimes. 

We have to keep the momentum going and focus on the institutions that quietly allow this systemic problem to continue from generation to generation.