Harsher Consequences for Physical Assault in New Zealand High Schools

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My daughter was physically assaulted by another student at a West Auckland high school on Wednesday 24th July 2019. The student who attacked my daughter punched her repeatedly on her head, pulled her hair, and threw my daughter onto the concrete and continued to hit her while she was on the ground. Another student intervened to pull the attacker off my daughter. The attacker then high fived her 2 friends as she left the scene and departed the school grounds. 2 hours later the attacker posted on her Instagram social media account asking if anyone had any footage of the attack that they could send her. The attack started because the attacker apparently heard rumours from other students that my daughter "had been spreading rumours about her". This attack was a pre planned attack as the girl came to seek my daughter outside of her classroom. 

This girl has no remorse for her actions and the school also said that they too felt like she wasn't remorseful for the violent attack she did to my daughter. 

My daughter fears for her safety. She hasnt been able to return to school because of this traumatic incident. This girl has a history with police, and has caused alot of trouble outside of school grounds, with some minor offences in school. 

Schools state that they have no tolerance for bullying and that their safety policy is to create a safe environment for children, but yet the penalties for bullies is beyond a joke. This girl has only received a 5 day stand down for the violent assault.... then she gets to return to school and put my daughter and other students at risk. This kind of punishment isn't enough! It is more or less stating to other students that it's ok if you assault someone...because you will only get a 5 day stand down for it (a holiday to a student who probably doesn't like school anyway). This girl could have caused serious injury to my daughter, resulting in a brain injury, or even death. 

So who ends up facing a long term punishment here? It's not the bully... the bully gets to carry on without any long term consequences for the serious level of this incident... it's the victim who suffers long term consequences here! This is so wrong on many levels. The victim has to watch over their shoulder every day, they have to live in fear that they could get attacked by this person again, they have anxiety over having to see this person on school grounds every day, their mental well being is affected, their education affected because they are too scared to go to school, and if they return to school their mind is constantly thinking about what could happen next. By allowing the attacker to stay at the school, the victims safety along with other students safety is put at risk. How is that fair!? 

If you assault someone in a work place environment, you get an instant dismissal! The same rules should apply in high schools, and have the offender expelled! These kids know right from wrong... there is no excuse for violence. There is no feeling safe for my daughter at this school anymore... So the safety plan and no tolerance for bullying policy that this school claim to follow is not being upheld. 

Something seriously needs to change here. This high school isn't teaching our kids to face the high level of consequences that they should for a brutal attack on another human being. 

Please sign this petition if you agree that this student who physically beat my daughter should be removed from this school so my daughter can continue to get the education she deserves. So that she can feel good about going to school, and feel safe at school. And please sign this petition if you believe that students who physically assault another student should have harsher penalties for their actions and be removed from the school as a consequence, to make sure other students arent at risk. A stand down is not enough! This is the safety of our children that is at risk here. We need to stand together to protect the future of our children. 

Let's start protecting the victims and putting their safety and well being before these bullies for once! Before we lose another child to a serious injury or death inflicted by another person, or from suicide because the school didn't step up and take the right action on these bullies! 

No tolerance for bullying should mean no tolerance!