Release of Enrollment List (Intake 2/2021) & Online exam result (1/2022) IAF Airmen Exam

Release of Enrollment List (Intake 2/2021) & Online exam result (1/2022) IAF Airmen Exam

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December 2019 , Indian Airforce released notification of STAR Exam 1/2020 for recruitment to the Post of airmen in Technical and Non-technical Trades . Around 4 lakh applicants applied for the exam. The exam was scheduled to be held from 19 March to 23 March 2020. But On 17 march Central airmen selection board ( CASB ) of IAF issued the notice regarding the postponement of exam scheduled from 19 March in the view of outbreak of COVID19 pandemic.

Central Airmen Selection Board released the exam postponement notices again and again 8 times and thereby pushed students in the state of uncertainty but students believed in them in and with high amount of dedication and patience kept raising the bar. Finally on 9 October CASB notified the shift of intake 1/2021 to 2/2021 and also announced the exam dates scheduled from 4-8 november 2020. All aspiring students appeared for the exam.Just 18 days after exam, on 26 November Indian Airforce declared the result of online exam. Around 17000 students got selected for phase 2.Those who cleared phase 2 subsequently appeared for medical exams and some also for re-medicals.

Provisional selection list (PSL) was set to be published on 30 April but got postponed and was later published on 30 May. The date for publishment of Enrollment list ( List of selected students who are called to join Indian Airforce ) was 10 july which was firstly postponed to 26 July but later got delayed and till now more than SIX months have passed but there is no confirmation by CASB about the release of enrolment list. CASB issued notices in August, October and December regarding delay of enrolment list but only dates were different, information was similar " Due to administration reason and unprecedented situation owing to covid pandemic conduct of enrollment of airmen of intake 2/2021 is delayed. Candidates are advised to keep checking their email and casb webportal regularly for latest updates".

Similar is the case with the aspirants of intake 2/2021 whose online exam result is in delay mode since last 5 months. Usually CASB declare result in 15-20 days but this time more than 170 days have passed but there is no clarity on declaration of online exam result.


As we know , this exam is based on 10+2 level, most of the students were in starting phase of their bachlore's degree but after publication of PSL, many students ( with higher rank in PSL ) discontinued their studies while some did not took admission in their next classes and many didn't attended their college exams. There were also number of students who got selected in other government exams but left their joinings as they wanted to join Indian airforce. Some also left navy (AA/SSR) joining to be a part of Indian airforce. Students had not thought that they have to wait so long . As most of the students who join defence forces belong to lower middle class families , their financial condition is not good enough that they can wait or depend on single exam for this long time. Many parents took loan or borrowed money from their relatives to bear their child's exam preparation, tuition, books, hostel etc expenses in a hope that soon their son would payoff every single penny of money as soon as he wears that blue uniform but all their dreams are in queue. The uncertainty regarding enrollment list have shattered students mental health with great resentment.The time period of 18 to 21 years is very crucial for the students preparing for the Defence Exams. The maximum age limit to apply for group X and Y is up to 20 years while the age of the candidates should not be more than 21 years at the time of enrollment in Indian airforce, but if the uncertain delay regarding enrollment list continues , many candidates may face problems. Indian airforce releases notification for two vacancies every year but in the last two years only two vacancies has come and not even one has been completed. The two intakes skipped by IAF due to the disruption in the recruitment cycle is resulting as the disadvantage for the students who will be overage till the next vacancy is released.

Frustation of students resulted in a digital protest as all defence aspirants and teachers launched a Twitter campaign in month of october against the inordinate delay of Enrollment list (for intake 2/2021 ) and online exam result ( for intake 1/2022 ). All impacted students expressed their agony by tweeting 1.41 million tweets with #airforce_result_do as an attempt to draw attention of Indian Airforce to this issue but all those went undiscovered. No official cognizance was taken form IAF or CASB about the whole issue.


The prime demand of students is the release of long delayed enrollment list (intake 2/2021) and online exam result ( intake 1/2022). Aspirants are urging that if IAF can't release enrollment list now , atleast they should declare the confirmed dates of the publishment of enrollment list and online exam result. CASB has always mentioned administration reasons and covid outbreak as a cause of the disruption in the Indian Airforce airmen recruitment process. students are demanding clarity on the administration reason which have caused delay in the IAF's whole recruitment cycle. The expiry of validity of medical green cards and Provisional selection list, added to that the Fear of intake cancellation has raised the level of anxiety of students. Candidates are waiting for the IAF's clarification regarding all these issues.

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