Waiver of Detention & Demmurages levied by Shipping / Airlines and Custodians

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Shipping Lines and Airlines levy heavy Demmurage Charges on Importers and Exporters for goods being Imported / Exported, if the goods are not cleared in the given time frame. Similarly, the custodians, ports, ICD, CFS levy Detention charges for goods which are stored for long periods.

As per 22.03.2020 Many states have been put under Lockdown  and on 24.03.2020 the PM has put entire country on lockdown but the ports and customs are functioning, but we are unable to complete customs formalities and take containers out of custodians possession to any warehouse. The goods are stranded at the ports/ICD/CFS with no clear indication from the Governement for the goods. 

As per Shipping lines/ Airlines / port authorities the goods shall be released from the custodians in best possible way, but unfortunately there no possible way present as of now. 

We request all Detention and Demmurage charges being levied be WAIVED off and clear instructions be given to stakeholders otherwise many businesses will be forced to shut business and file for Bankruptcy and have a cascading effect on the country in the long run.