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Students of FDDI deprived of well deserved admission in NIFT besides getting good rank

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I was a student of FDDI Rohtak and I had applied for admission in NIFT for “Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M.)”; in pursuance of which, I had appeared in the entrance examination and had successfully secured rank eligible for counselling(general category rank:133).Subsequently, group discussions were conducted and accordingly, I was selected for final admission into the said course for which counselling was held on 03.07.2017.

 While approaching the concerned competent authority on 03.07.2017 for completing the said admission process, I was verbally informed that no admission can be granted to me for the reason that:

1:I was a student of Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI) for the batch 2012-2015
2:During such period, FDDI had collaboration with Mewar University of Rajasthan and not with Indira Gandhi National Open University
3:Mewar University is not empowered to grant degree outside the State of Rajasthan.Though Mewar is recognised by UGC.Thus, degrees granted to the students of batch 2012-2015 by the Mewar University is not valid for admission at NIFT
Based on such invalid degrees, no admission can be granted

However, despite repeated requests, no written explanation or instruction/ notice etc was provided by NIFT stating that it has expressively barred the students of FDDI batch 2012-2015 from getting admission.<b> As a matter of fact, the admission brochure, the website of NIFT or any other such material for that matter, which is available in public domain, stipulates that FDDI students of 2012-2015 batch should not apply for admission in NIFT or that they will not be granted admission even if they otherwise qualify for the same.</b>

 It is in these facts and circumstances, that I am presently beseeching you  with this representation to kindly help. Following are my points to ponder :-

i.   At the outset, it may be appreciated that the issue of collaboration of FDDI with Mewar University or with IGNOU is an internal matter and the students have no role to play at all in the same. Hence, per se, as a result/ consequence of this issue, it is highly unjust and unfair to put the career and future growth of students at stake by denying them admission for further studies/ Masters degree.

ii. Moreover, at the relevant point of time, when the students had enrolled themselves with FDDI, they were never informed that the degree would be granted by Mewar University or that such degree may be questioned in future. Hence, the students were not given the complete information and nor were the probable future consequences informed to them. Hence, prima facie, it is the fault of the FDDI and not that of students; and hence, the students cannot be made to suffer for the same.

iii.Reference here may be drawn to the subject degree as granted to me by the Mewar University . Even a bare perusal of the same would reveal that as a matter of fact, such degree clearly stipulates that the same is being granted by Mewar University Chittorgarh, a University u/s 2(f) the UGC Act, 1956 with the right to confer degrees u/s 22(1) of the UGC Act Established by Rajasthan State Govt. Act 4 of 2009. When such an express and categorical declaration has been made on the said degree by the respective authorities, there remains no doubt, for the students at-least, to question the validity and veracity of such degree.

 iv. Furthermore, even if the said degree, as issued by Mewar University, is not being deemed to be valid, it does not ipso facto imply that the studies undertaken by the students, the knowledge gained by them, the examination cleared by them etc., is invalid and bears no value/ relevance at all; and the same does not merit consideration for granting admission in the Masters degree course.

 v.  I understand that for Masters degree, the pre-requisite condition is to have a Bachelors degree; and indeed the same is possessed by me and all the students from my batch and was awarded to me upon successful completion of my graduation course which duly evinces the fact that I had attended to the said graduation course; had cleared the same; and thus, I have the necessary knowledge and qualification for a Masters degree course.

 vi.    The issue that such degree is not valid or has been granted by a university which had no jurisdiction to issue such degree, cannot become an impediment for granting admission to me as invalidity of such degree as a result of technical and legal lapses by the FDDI does not in itself imply that I am unqualified for the Masters degree course.

vii.Moreover, such lapses on the part of the FDDI/ Mewar University are required to be corrected by them only and students cannot do anything in this regard. This being the case, the repercussion of such a mistake/ lapse cannot be made to be borne by the students by way of denying them admission for further studies or by any other way for that matter.

 In view of the above, it is evident that of invalidity of such degree as such degree is not invalid due to any of the students fault and thats mere mismanagement from the eligible and qualified candidate duly deserving admission in the said course.


In case my above submissions/ representation fail to elicit any positive response from NIFT Representative, Following are also noteworthy


i. The matter pertaining to the issue of recognition/ validity to the degree of FDDI including the period 2012-2015 is sub-judice in as much as that various cases on the said subject-matter are pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and also before the various High Courts.


ii.The main concern in such cases is with regard to the career and future of such students who had enrolled with FDDI during academic sessions 2012, 2013 and 2014.


iii.  The cases which merit specific mention here are:-

W.P.(C)-714/2015 in the case of Sandeep Priyadarshi & Ors Vs The Union of India & Ors pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court
W.P.(C)-9012/2015- Rajat Bhatnagar & Ors Vs The Union of India & Ors pending before the Hon’ble High Court

iv.  The Hon’ble Supreme Court in the said W.P.(C)-714/2015 had issued Order dated 20.02.2017 whereby it had directed that the matter may be listed after the judgement is passed by the Hon’ble High Court. This prima facie gives an impression that the decision by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the said case depends upon the judgement to be given by the Hon’ble High Court in the case of W.P.(C)-9012/2015.


v.  As regards the W.P.(C)-9012/2015, reference may be drawn to the following Orders :-

Order dated 21.09.2015- which duly evinces that the subject case specifically pertains to the students who had enrolled for three different academic sessions, viz. 2012, 2013, and 2014.
Order dated 06.10.2015- whereby, under Para 3, the Hon’ble High Court had requested the Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to convene a meeting with a Chairperson of the UGC, CMD of the institute and Chancellor of the Mewar University so as to find a resolution at the earliest.
Order dated 06.01.2016- in Para 4.2 of the said Order the Hon’ble High Court had permitted to continue the process of imparting education and accordingly, exams were also got conducted by the Mewar University.
Order dated 06.01.2016- further in Para 6 of the said Order, the Hon’ble High Court had noted that a solution is being attempted to be found to enable award of degrees to the students, who got enrolled in the academic years 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.
Order dated 30.03.2017- wherein it was categorically stated that the Footwear Design and Development Institute Bill, 2017 was been introduced in the Lok Sabha on 14th March, 2017. The said Order also notes that Clauses 7(iii) and 37(c) of the said proposed bill contained provisions regarding empowering FDDI to grant degrees to the students including those who joined on or after the academic year 2012-2013 or completed the course on or after academic year 2013-2014. This implies that the said Bill, once passed by the Legislature, would have retrospective effect and valid degrees would be awarded to the students of batch 2012-13. This further implies that the Bachelors Degree presently held by me would either be validated or a new degree in lieu of the same would be awarded to me.
Order dated 28.04.2017- wherein the Hon’ble High Court had noted that Footwear Design and Development Institute Bill, 2017 was passed by Lok Sabha on 5th April, 2017; and also that the same is now pending with Rajya Sabha

vi.    A perusal of the above Orders of the Hon’ble High Court would make it writ large and clear that in every respect, efforts are being made so as to ensure validation of degree including for the students of the batch 2012-15. As a matter of fact, the Hon’ble High Court had also allowed continuation of education by FDDI and Mewar University which itself shows the intent of the Hon’ble High Court as well as of other concerned persons.


vii.  Once the intent of the Hon’ble High Court and that of others with regard to validating the degrees of even the existing students including the batch of 2012-2015 is apparent as well as evident, denial of admission on the ground of degree being invalid does not seem justified.

 Hence, kindly oblige the students of FDDI to be eligible in NIFT for MFM Course as, but for the issue of subject degree after a successful completion of the entrance test and group discussions.


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