Fee Reduction for Centennial International Students

Fee Reduction for Centennial International Students

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Due to Covid-19, all the classes for were shifted to online. Keeping that in mind, the expenses of every college has been reduced as there are no facilities, electricity, hydro or WiFi being used. A lot of colleges either reduced the fees or they refunded a part of the fees.

But with Centennial college its been opposite as they have shown no support and have demanded $8,875 just for the 4 months of online course. This seems very unfair as due to the pandemic, majority of international students lost their jobs and they have left with no money to hardly pay for their basic needs. Due to which a lot of students are going in mental stress or depression.

For International Students, every dollar matters. We have been and are paying so much labs, computers, libraries, gyms and other amenities. Now when all the classes are online and we are not using any of it then why the fees is still so high ?

Just by Signing this petition and with one signature, a lot of students' future will get saved. Each and every signature matters. Please help us to get justice.