Justice against irrational pricing that caused may be the biggest loot

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Multinational FMCG companies have introduced *new irrational pricing practices* under which there are huge and unreasonable difference between pricing of smaller packing and large packing.

These multinational companies have captured the mentality of Indian people to buy bigger packs and getting attracted towards discounts and started fooling customers by keeping the low price for smaller pack and unreasonable high price for bigger pack.

In India, there is no rule about how much profit one should earn on his products. Hence with the help of this loophole in act, multinational companies have started looting people of India. It is stated as loot because the difference is unreasonably and illogically high . If you compare these prices, the difference range is from 20% to 130%. Ex 50 gm Colgate Maxfresh has MRP 20 whereas 150 gm packet has MRP 92 which is highly irrational. And this is just a single example. We can see such pricing in almost every product of almost all multinational companies.

Few years back, various retailers and sellers used to sell different products at different rates and there was no restriction on that. So MRP rules were implemented for fair pricing of products. By which one is not allowed to sell a product at price higher than the mentioned price.

But now it is need of the time to introduce new law or rules under The Standards of Weights and Measures Act against these unfair pricing of the products. Or to introduce rational pricing policies of the products

Personal story
We are studying this for last 4 to 5 years and may be one reason is introduction of malls and hypermarkets. With huge buying capacity and bargaining power, may be these malls have forced companies to increase MRP of larger products (which are most common products available there and as they do not sell smaller packs). So even after giving discounts they have high margin of profit and they can charge you more as you can't compare it with smaller packs.