Emergency Response for Autism Funding in BC

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BC families need immediate change and revision for the access and use of the Autism Funding provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).

We ask that you consider and implement the following:

Support Families:

  • Allow the carry over of unused funding from current funding year to the next so that children will not miss the opportunity to access/use their funding.
  • Relax authorization requirements so that families can pay for play/therapy materials children will require while they remain at home. Remove rules requiring professional’s approval and allow use beyond the current 20% limit.
  • Allow access to Under 6 funding to follow the same guidelines as the Over 6 funding. (I.e. access to family counseling services)
  • Allow the purchase of iPads, computers and other therapy materials so professionals/teachers can support children remotely when appropriate without approvals by professionals. (Expenditures that are currently not allowed will remain off limits).
  • Communicate clearly. Use the Autism Information Service of BC to support a seven day a week hotline which can clarify questions on these issues and stay connected to the needs of families. Encouraging contact by email whenever possible.
  • Create a response team to communicate with organizations currently serving the community in an effort to stay up to date and reactive to the needs of families. (Autism BC, ACT, Family Support Institute)

Protect and Support Service Providers:

  • Ensure that new invoices submitted by service providers are paid promptly.
  • Expedite the current back log of payments to service providers so that Service Providers, many of whom are in sole practice, can support themselves and their families.

Attention to this matter is of the utmost importance. Families are in desperate need of support and ease of access to necessary services.