Opening Yoga studio is more important than opening an alcohol Bar - Covid19 lockdown

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Dear All Namaste- 

I Sri Soham, representing Indian Association of Professional Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studio Owners (IAPYTYAO), on behalf of all members and yoga teachers of India, I would like to convey this request message to the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi ji, concerned Ayush Ministry and respective recipients.

We would like to bring your attention towards the professional Yoga Teachers and studio owners conveying their hardship during this extension of lockdown. More than starting a alcohol bar for increasing the state and central economy it is also very important to be aware that Yoga is a great tool to help improve respiratory health and immunity, both of which are involved in the prevention and healing from COVID-19. Even our beloved PM calls "Yoga is good for community, immunity and unity".

Hence it’s time to urged the government for giving relaxation for the yoga studios except the containment zone, that will help mitigate hardships faced by the yoga teachers. Even today, containing the spread of the virus remains the country's priority. But we also have to take into account that the Fitness and Yoga industry employs many lakhs of people. They are relying for their survival. Every lockdown extension is making it difficult for us to keep people employed, pay the rents and to sustain. Even one of the senior yoga teacher called us yesterday and cried that he is not able to feed two times of happy meal for his family and he is not able to pay his rent. Some how for time being we group of yoga teachers have helped him. But if this situation continue thousands of people who completely depend on yoga and fitness industry will be on street without anything.

Since the government has relaxed operations for several industries including the Bar to keep the wheels of economy moving, we are hoping that it allows Yoga studios some relaxation too. we will promise to take all necessary measures to keep the hygiene and social distance in studio.

Kindly Sign and share this Petition until it reaches the PMO, and concerned Ministry so that they will give some relaxation for yoga and fitness industry to start immediately. 

For any details kindly contact 9980152222.

- Sri Soham

Yoga Practitioner and Representative of Indian Association of Professional Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studio Owners (IAPYTYAO)