Ban the use of Pellets containing metaldehyde in the Cook Islands

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The use of metaldehyde snail and slug pellets in the Cook Islands has resulted in the deaths of 6 of my families animals in the last year (4 within a 2 week period)- this number also doesn't account for the many around the island who have died (2 dogs last week from nikao). These small blue pellets are lethal to animals resulting in death within minutes of consumption. Being that the Cook Islands still thrives off agriculture as a means of income, the use of pellets containing metaldehyde is unnecessary as alternatives that are pet-friendly can be easily purchased in substitution. Continuation of the use of metaldehyde pellets and poisons could result in far more deaths! Please stand with us to we ban the use of Pellets containing metaldehyde to safeguard the rest of the Cook Islands animals!