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Ban The Sales Of Elephant Skin

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The poor Elephants of the world can't seem to catch a break. The greed of mankind is determined to hunt the noble creatures into extinction. The ban on ivory was supposed to protect the elephants but poachers just moved on to another body part - the skin.

One place, in particular, is the worst offender of the Elephant skin trade. In Myanmar, elephants are killed with wooden spears laced with pesticide and poisonous darts. Death is never instant, instead, it is long, grueling and painful. The skin in than stripped and ground down into powder for medicine or made into jewelry. It's not unusual to see elephant skin hung like laundry. Furthermore, the local markets sell products made from poached elephants in plain sight. But that is not the worst part, the demand for elephant skin has seen an increase in China. It is only a matter of time before the practice of skinning an elephant becomes a booming underground market.

The government has shown no interest in outlawing the practices. With your help, we can change that, with increased attention and pressure the government will be forced to protect the elephants. Please sign and share, the elephants of Myanmar need protection and you can be there voice. 

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