Acquit Navdeep Singh and PM must immediately meet and address needs of protesting farmers

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I belong to the family of farmers who through generations have served the nation. With roots in a village near ludhiana, my grandfather as well as my forefathers have worked hard in the fields day and night to produce food for the country. But it upsets me to see that India's once-worshipped hero, the food-producing farmer, is under attack. 

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are upset about the new farm laws passed by the government. They fear they are being left at the mercy of big corporates which needs to be addressed by the government of India.

They were marching as a sign of their constitutional right to protest but they were met mid-way with water cannons, lathis and tear gas. Trenches were dug on highways to stop them from reaching the capital. Ironically this happened on 26th November, our Constitution Day. 

The video of a young farmer climbing atop a water cannon to turn it off has gone viral. The ice-cold water was being used to stop protesting farmers from marching to Delhi. The image against the backdrop of COVID-19 and winter sent chills down the spines of the entire nation. To top this all, the young farmer, Navdeep Singh who bravely turned off the water canon has been now booked for attempt to murder. All this has to stop!

Authorities could have avoided all this through a peaceful dialogue which is being demanded by the protesting farmers from the very first day. Please sign my petition to bring the government’s attention towards the much needed peaceful dialogue, establishment of grievance redressal mechanism along with the inclusion of the MSP clause in writing by the government. Also, all farmers forcefully arrested and booked should be released and acquitted. Sign my petition asking the government to drop all charges against Navdeep.I appeal for a peaceful dialogue, which farmers had been asking for from the very first day.