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Ban Tiger Farms

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All over Thailand, there are tiger farms. Places where tigers are bred and slaughtered for parts. The parts are used for traditional "medicine" in other Asian countries like China. One of the infamous examples of a tiger farm is the famous Tiger Temple.

The Tiger Temple masqueraded as a tiger sanctuary. The entire temple was a front for an illegal tiger breeding and trafficking operation. When local authorities finally raided the temple, they found 40 decaying and half frozen tiger cubs. 20 more were found soaking in jars like preserved fruit. There were also numerous amulets made from tiger parts. The amulets were given as gifts to people who "donated". For decades the tigers of the temple were kept in small cages and drugged up so tourists could take a picture with them. Once the tigers are used up, there killed for parts.

The shutting down of the infamous Tiger Temple is a huge step in the right direction. However, the temple was just a dime in a dozen. All over Thailand, there are tigers in captivity that are forced to perform. For example, the Sriracha Tiger Zoo makes tigers jump through fire hoops. There are hundreds of similar all over Thailand.

Only by outlawing the practice can the Tigers be saved. Please sign and share, together we can ban the exploitation of tigers in Thailand.

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