filavac vaccine subsidised by NZ government

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The New Zealand Veterinary Association recommend that Filovac  is the only vaccine that protects against all 3 strains of RHDV in New Zealand.

As a rabbit owner and someone who has lost a pet to this horrific disease, I think it is New Zealand government's duty to provide subsidised vaccines that can help protect domesticated rabbits. The photo provided is Sparrow who lost his life to RHDV at 4 months old.

If this disease was found in any other domesticated animal eg dogs or cats there would be an uproar but because rabbits are seen as lesser animals owners are faced with a huge price to protect their pets.  

New Zealand is seen as a country that protects its animals and has high animal welfare standards. Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease is one of the most painful and horrific ways for an animal to die, let alone a pet in a child's arms. 

I understand the need for control of pests in NZ but not subsidising a vaccine for domesticated pets is cruel. 

There are several strains of rabbit calicivirus (also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)) in New Zealand:

RHDV1 is widespread.
RHDV1 K5 was introduced here in March 2018 (to control wild rabbits).
RHDV2 was detected in wild rabbit samples collected in 2017.

Symptomatic cases of RHD will display fever, squeals, and often coma leading to death within 12 to 36 hours. In less severe cases, rabbits may display uneasiness, excitement, anorexia, swollen eyelids, paralysis, ocular haemorrhages, and "paddling" or loss of skin. Convulsions may be seen as well.