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No More Torture To Animals!

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Dear Hon Greg Hunt,

Australia needs to immediately stop the local testing of cosmetic products on animals and the importation of products that do so. I'm honestly not sure why it hasn't happened yet. 

Many brands like Chanel, Estée Lauder and Johnson & Johnson unfairly torture and kill helpless rabbits, mice, rats and monkeys just for the vanity of humans and it's not like this is the only way to make sure that products are non-toxic to humans!

 Animals are injected with chemicals, have cosmetics applied to their flesh, ingredients placed in their eyes and left like this for hours on end whilst results are recorded on how dangerous this might be to humans. It is a known fact that this is not a trustworthy experiment and completely unnecessary! 

The Wyss Institute of Harvade University have developed 'organs on chips' which are exactly what you would think. They are micro organs eg: lungs that work the same as real ones and are used to test the safety of chemicals and drugs on humans. "Why should we use these instead?" You ask. Well, firstly this way of testing chemicals is much cheaper as you only need a small amount of the chemical for it to be a successful experiment and also, it's highly expensive to run tests on animals because of the amount of animals needed to test one product in order to get a trustworthy results and also all the equipment needed to perform the test. So by banning the testing of cosmetic products or individual Ingredients of a product on innocent animals, we can use alternatives such as this instead.

If you have a pet, work with animals or even just love animals, just imagine them going through the pain that many monkeys, mice, rats, dogs and rabbits go through every day just so we can live up to society's expectations of beautiful. Make a stop to this terrible, inhuman, unnecessary act and save the lives of animals every where!

Please sign this  as it is something that needs to be acted on immediately!


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