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Help Ban Puppy Mills In Canada


Dear Minister Naqvi 


Every day, hundreds of thousands of dogs suffer inpuppy mills.  They live a life of Greed, Breed and Misery. They spend 24 hours a day in cramped wire cages so small that often the dogs become crippled because they can't stand up straight. They get no exercise or veterinary care, have never had a soft warm bed, or felt grass under their feet or likely even touch of human kindness. They are bred repeatedly until their bodies wear out, and then (unless a rescue takes them) most are killed.    

A puppy mill can produce an average of 3,000 to over 5,000 puppies a year, and there are thousands of these mills in Canada.  More are popping up every day.  

Because we have such a severe overpopulation of dogs in Canada it is estimated that one million dogs a year are euthanized.  Not only is it horrible that these animals are killed, but the mills continue to make millions of dollars and to add to the problem.  The Canadian tax payers are paying for the shelter, care and all too often euthanasia of these forgotten animals, while the mills abuse and use.  

Even convicted murderers get exercise, medical care, warm beds and socialization. The onlycrime these dogs have committed is being born to a what we see as heartless humans.  

We are doing everything we can to educate the public about these mills, but now it is time for our Government -- our elected officials -- to do their part and stand up for these helpless voiceless precious beings. You, Minister Naqvi, can be their voice.  

I, for one, think that Canada is better than this. We need to prove it!  Let Ontario start the avalanche that will change animal welfare laws all across Canada! 

Thank you. 


Pam Chin  


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