Protect Whyalla's Giant Cuttlefish Aggregation

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A commercial fishing ban for Australian giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama) in the Upper Spencer Gulf has just been lifted.  This ban was originally put in place in 2013, as a prudent measure to address a population crash.

It is considered risky to re-start commercial fishing of this species, when reasons for the extreme fluctuations in giant cuttlefish numbers are not yet fully understood.  If this aggregation is wiped out, it cannot be replaced, as these cuttlefish are genetically distinct form other populations in Australia.

This giant cuttlefish spawning aggregation in the waters of Whyalla is the only one of its kind in the world.  It makes for spectacular viewing, and has become a major attraction for visitors, snorkelers, divers, photographers and film crew from all over the world.  It has been featured by many world class documentaries including the BBC's Blue Planet.

The purpose of this petition is to request Tim Whetstone, the Minister for Primary Industries, to re-consider the lifting of the commercial fishing ban, and for this genetically unique population in the Upper Spencer Gulf to remain fully protected.