More Paediatric Allergists are needed in Ireland, a 3-year waiting list is too long for children!

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Minister Simon Harris, Anaphylaxis doesn’t wait 3 years, neither can our children.

Did you know that in Ireland 1 in 20 children have a food allergy, that is at least 1 child in every classroom in the country? There is currently a 3 year waiting list to see one of the 2 Consultant Paediatric Allergists in Ireland, who are working tirelessly to manage this outrageous and potentially dangerous situation. That's over 3,000 of our children that are waiting for a diagnosis. It is impossible to say which of these children waiting  are potentially at risk of Anaphylaxis.

We petition you Minister Harris to urgently address the situation and allocate more resources including more posts for Consultant Paediatric Allergists in our hospitals.