Make Callan Park Off Leash Now

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The dog owners of NSW ask the Hon. Rob Stokes, MP, and the Greater Sydney Parklands Board, to make the majority of Callan Park Off-Leash right now, with Companion Animal Management Plans for the whole park.

NSW dog owners need Off-Leash parks, and we urge the minister to include in Callan Park’s Landscape Structure Plan (LSP) the following:

  • Unrestricted Off-Leash space (for sociable, well-trained dogs which are the majority
  • Gated and fenced Off-Leash Space (for puppy training and unsociable dogs)
  • Clearly signed On Leash space (e.g. around playgrounds, the Bay Run)

Stop the minister, and the Greater Sydney Parklands Board, from approving a Landscape Structure Plan that does not make Callan Park primarily Off-Leash.

This is urgent! The Plan is set to be finalised at the end of October/early November 2020. Please sign our petition today!

Why Callan Park should be primarily Off-Leash

Callan Park is 60 hectares of tranquil green space in Sydney. It is twice the size of the Botanic Gardens. Off-Leash dog walking is the primary recreational activity in Callan Park. Thousands of dog owners regularly walk their dogs in this park and want to continue to do so without onerous restrictions.

The Draft Callan Park Landscape Structure Plan (LSP) considered the needs of many park users but ignored dog owners. The LSP excludes the option of Off-Leash areas aside from the time-share arrangement on a few designated playing fields, which are off-limit to dog owners when sporting activities are taking place. 

Other parks within the Great Sydney Parklands have extensive off leash areas. For example, Sydney Park is Off-Leash at all times, except the wetlands, Alan Davidson Oval, CARES facility and the playgrounds. Centennial Park is 43% Off-Leash.

Off-Leash areas in Callan Park are vital for the physical and mental health of dog owners and their dogs. Exercising dogs Off-Leash enriches their lives, ensures they learn to socialise, and helps them to be calm and quiet at home during the day. Many older Australian’s elect to own dogs to ward off loneliness and find socialising in Callan Park with dog owners an essential part of their well-being, especially in a COVID-19 world.

The Inner West LGA has a very high rate of dog ownership. 35,000 dogs live within the Inner West LGA and 42% of households own a dog (source: The NSW Companion Animals Register). It is also public knowledge that the rate of dog ownership has increased in the past 6 months. Dogs help people stave off loneliness, stress and depression during these difficult times.

Act now! Give our doggies a voice in the NSW Parliament.

Please sign this petition and share it with friends and family, today.