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Bring Kingston's Prison Farm animals home to Sanctuary, not to slaughter

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The Canadian government is considering reopening prison farms in Kingston, Ontario, including reestablishing animal agribusiness. Instead of involving prisoners in the raising of animals for commodification and slaughter, we urge our government representatives to establish a prison farm sanctuary instead.

Farm sanctuaries are charitable permanent homes for farmed animals, many of them rescued from situations of neglect and abuse. There is presently a desperate need for more such sanctuaries in Ontario.

Minister Goodale and Mr. Gerretsen, please take the following facts into consideration as you consider whether the dairy industry in particular is compatible with the rehabilitation of inmates:

            Cows are kept pregnant to produce milk. Every year they are forcibly impregnated in what is often referred to as a "rape rack."

            Calves are forcibly separated from their mothers within minutes or hours of their birth. This results in severe emotional distress for both mothers and babies. Their bellowing can be heard for days.

             Calves are raised in loneliness and confinement, male calves slaughtered for veal at 14-16 weeks, female calves forced into the same milk production system suffered by their mothers.

            Repeated pregnancies and high-yield milk production mean that dairy cows are slaughtered at approximately 5 years of age, long before their natural life span of 20 years.

Minister Goodale and Mr. Gerretsen, a farm sanctuary where animals can live out their natural lives in peace and safety is the only truly rehabilitative, non-violent option for prisoners to be involved in the care of farmed animals. If the herd is to be brought home, let it be to sanctuary.

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