Preserve the Green Belt before the Pasir Ris Park

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Given the scarcity of spaces for Singaporeans to experience and immerse themselves in nature and that allow the next generation to interact with unspoilt and undeveloped natural spaces, we feel that the loss of green belt would be a grave and irreversible mistake.  It would in fact drastically reduce the areas of unspoilt green space and affect the wildlife habitats of the many species (e.g. Hornbill, Otter, Wild Boar, Owl, Jungle Fowl and etc.) that have come to call at the Pasir Ris Park, and its green spaces home.  The proposed housing development plan will narrow the existing width of the park, which is already extremely narrow given its length and coastal profile.  Therefore, our petition seeks to change the current plan of the government to utilize the land for housing development.  Instead, we propose an exploration of usages that preserve the heritage and rich nature of the area.