Save Dibru Saikhowa National Park and Baghjan

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As we know that a Gas Well was being serviced in Baghjan and preparation for further oil drilling was taken up by M/S John Energy Private Limited a Gujarat based company but because of the high pressure of the oil field in Baghjan and due to the joint callousness of the OIL India ltd. and John Energy company engineers massive amounts of Gas began to ooze from the serviced well and has been flowing uncontrollably for the last 14 days. Being highly inflammable, the gas condensate caused a massive fire to breakout on the 9th of June. Affecting half a dozen villages and approximately 2000 villagers and not in the least the flora and fauna of the Dibru Saikhowa National Park which is situated less than a kilometer away from Baghjan.

Now this raises the most important question, how was Environmental Clearance given for Exploitation of Oil and Gas by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in the radius of less than 1 km near the Dibru Saikhowa National Park.
Dibru Saikhowa is listed by Government of India’s as 1 of the 19 most important biodiversity hotspots around the world) and the Maguri Motapung Waterbody which is listed by the Bombay Natural History Society as an Important Bird Area of India (IBA)

The Oil Blow out has affected the natural habitat of the Endangered Gangetic River Dolphin and the State Bird of Assam – The White Winged Wood Duck.
We hold the OIL India Engineers responsible as this is not the first Oil explosion in Assam. The first blowout happened in 2005 in Dikom oilfields in Dibrugarh and several minor explosions have happened since then.

Through this signature campaign, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

- Environmental clearance by the Central Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change should not be given near areas of Ecological Importance.
- That OIL India Limited stop further drilling in Baghjan.
- Adopt more safeguards during oil drilling in future.
- Compensate all the affected residents of Baghjan who have lost their livelihood.