Extend the Consultation time for the Phoenix Park Mobility Study

Extend the Consultation time for the Phoenix Park Mobility Study

7 March 2021
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Minister Patrick O'Donovan
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Why this petition matters

Started by Edward Mac Manus



    The OPW is undertaking a public consultation called the Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Study. Full details can be found at www.phoenixpark.ie The closing date for submission is 12th March 2021.

    I feel that the consultation period is far too short, and I have set up this petition to send to the Minister for the OPW Mr. Patrick O’Donavan TD, Limerick to ask him to extend the timeframe.

    The OPW say on their website that they will have the final plan ready in April this year a mere month after the process is closed. This raises huge concerns over the validity of a public consultation process which should involve the reading of public submissions, analysing them, reporting on them and modifying the OPW document to reflect them.

   The OPW’s preferred option in this process will mean profound changes in how pedestrians, cyclists and car users visit and move around the park. It will also have knock on effects for local communities, schools, commuters and the elderly, disabled and young families. While we appreciate the intention of the OPW to build on the park’s environmental potential, heritage and popularity, we think that this process should not be rushed.

     As recently as 2018 the park was awarded a Gold International Large Parks Award. So in its present form it is considered to be a world class amenity and it is important that we don't undermine its uniqueness.

    The consultation document is 129 pages long with 10 different options which include different choices in how cars, pedestrians, gates, roads, cyclists and access are organised. There are many different maps and models included for consideration.

    The document contains many excellent ideas but many park users including me are concerned that the process is rushed and not being given the time, care and consideration that changes of this magnitude require.

    Furthermore COVID lockdown restrictions have dramatically reduced the opportunities that people would normally have to discuss and interact with these proposed changes.

   By signing this petition you are asking the Minister to extend the time frame to ensure that there is proper meaningful engagement. 

    The Phoenix Park, Dublin is a national treasure and deserves no less respect.

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Signatures: 259Next Goal: 500
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  • Minister Patrick O'Donovan