Help us push for Angus's 14yr old killers to be given a life sentence for a life taken!

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On March 13th 2020 our son Angus Richard Beaumont was mercilessly murdered by two violent juvenile repeat offenders who were out on bail for violent offences. Our family has sought information, we have sought answers and we have sought support and all we have experienced is silence and frustration. We know enough to know we can’t trust justice will be served we are going to have to fight for it. Join the fight for Angus and help us bring his killers to justice and change the laws that led directly to his avoidable and senseless death.
Angus was only 15yrs old! His life had barely started when these boys decided to take it from him.
The problem with homicide is the family suffer the consequences of a government hell bent on protecting itself and the offenders. So far we have had no information but the violent repeat juvenile offenders who murdered Angus have had every piece of available information provided to them and their lawyers. We are repeatedly told we are not entitled to any information. There is so much we don’t know and we can’t begin to process our grief fully until we do know. If anyone knows anything about what happened to our beautiful boy please tell us. We just want to know what happened and why he is gone .Victims families must given more right to information! Our lives are forever changed! We will never know the man he would have become, all we have are shattered dreams.
Due to the offenders being young teenagers themselves, they will most likely only get a slap on the wrist and be let out way to soon, to commit yet another horrific crime The Catch and Release laws are clearly NOT working!!!!.
The aim of this Petition is to have the sentence given reflect the crime and not the age. There are too many youth walking around on our streets on bail, after committing crimes. They have no repercussions for their actions and so continue to escalate into more violent and reckless behaviour putting the public at serious risk! Lives are lost and families are being broken! An instead of protecting the offenders , more rights should be given to the victims.
These laws must be changed. These teens are out of control and the government isnt putting a stop to it! We need to band together and make ourselves heard! Enough is enough! top the senseless loss of life!!!!
Please sign and share and make sure justice is served and Laws changed to actually reflect what is happening on our streets which are no longer safe ! No one should ever have to bury their children!