Severe punishment for Rapists

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An 11-month-old baby was raped for 2 hours! 

Seriously?!! Could this be any worse? In the days of learning to breathe, she just experienced the worst pain ever without even realizing what's happening. 

Rape is one of the most heinous crimes defines in the criminal law of every country. Though rape is illegal in India, more than 34000 rape cases were reported across India in 2015 annual report. Heartbreakingly in which majority of the victims knew their attackers and only 5% of the cases were filed by the victims due to many reasons. 

Talking about this worst incident happened recently where an 11-month-old baby girl was raped for 2 hours in Delhi (Don't you feel like killing him right after hearing this?) Where a construction worker steals the baby from her mother while sleeping and took her to nearby bushes at 10 pm. Wonder what pleasure did that even get!!! 

After her mother reported to the authorities at 11 pm, the baby was later found in an unconscious state bleeding profusely. Doctors said that her condition is serious. 

927 cases of child rape were reported last year, at least 3 rapes every day in the national capital. Till 2001, 143,795 

 What's happening in our country? Even though heartbreaking Nirbhaya's case that took place in 2012 which made the whole country on fire, 11 months old baby is being raped!! And where are those people who complain about Valentine's Day, Girls wearing short dresses, saying this is not our bloody culture! Is raping a baby our culture? If not, why no one is raising their voice to such an extent where some serious actions have to be taken? Why isn't media educating people about this? 

The situation now has become worst and undoubtedly be more if no serious actions are taken. 

 Finally, Nirbhaya's case culprits were punished to death after 5 years! Will that make our country safer? Will that bring down the rape victims' number? Will it put enough confidence for women to walk around anytime? No!!! 

 Punishing the rapists who only made news nationwide is not fare. Even after passing the bill of 20 years imprisonment and death sentence in extreme cases hasn't brought down the rapes number, its time to come up with an extreme rule for extreme crime!  Rape, if confirmed should be punishable by death within next few days without carrying it forward. It could be men or women. This should be a new law.  only then people fear to even think of touching any person without permission. 

 Let's not sit and wait until something happens to someone we know. Rather join our hands together, stronger and support one another and make this world a better place.